FXP Festival 2024

Bringing together the world of game design, development and narrative, FXP Festival encourages students to connect what they learn in the classroom with what their dream future career could be. Working in teams, students are given an invaluable opportunity to develop their teamwork, communication and collaboration skills.

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Date: 8 July 2024

The festival will be held in the Rizing Games studio at Cambridge Regional College. Teams will be challenged to design, create and submit an entry under a surprise theme announced on the first day. Previous themes have included Apollo, Super and Tesla.

Whether students are experienced in coding, interested in the creative concept and artistic side of game development, or have a passion for storytelling, FXP Festival is open to all students and engages a wide range of skills. Teams will be supported by experts in the game development and technology industry on the day.


Launch: 6 March 2023 ǁ Submission deadline: 12 June 2023 ǁ Virtual award ceremony: 15 June 2023

Teams will be challenged to work together over a 14-week period to design and develop a computer game, based on a surprise theme, which will be revealed at the start of week one. The Festival will comprise three core modules:

  • Game Narrative
  • Game Concept & Design
  • Game Production

Each module will be supported by bitesize recorded sessions provided by an expert in the game development industry (exciting announcements to be made soon!). Each team can then use this advice and guidance to feed into their overall project. It is recommended that schools set aside at least one-hour after school session or ‘FXP Club’ each week. Teams can also work on their projects in their own time if desired. Schools are also welcomed to embed the virtual event into the school curriculum. If you would like advice on how to do this, get in touch.

The recommended software to use is GDevelop or Unity. To support teachers in using the software, we are developing a series of videos. These will be emailed teachers of each registered team.

Engaging a wide range of skills, the final project will include:

  • a detailed overview of the game’s concept and storytelling
  • illustrations of the game’s design elements – including characters, scenery, tools, props and anything you would find in the game – and explanations of their place in the game
  • a playable game which reflects the theme and chosen game concept

At the end of the 14 weeks, projects will be submitted for judging and teams will then be invited to attend a virtual prize-giving event, where they will have more opportunities to engage with experts from the games development and technology industry.

In person

Date: 8 & 9 July 2023  block  Virtual award ceremony 10 July 2023

The in-person event will be held in the Rizing Games studio at Cambridge Regional College. Teams will be invited to design, create and submit an entry for one or more of the three categories, with prizes awarded to the top three teams in each category.

In all categories, teams are required to base their games around a surprise theme which is announced at the beginning of the festival weekend. Please note that the theme will be different to the virtual event to enable teams to participate in both competitions, should they choose. Previous years’ themes have included: Apollo, Super and Prime.

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