FXP Festival 2022

Bringing together the world of game design and development with the technology industry, and the computer science, art and design curricula, FXP Festival encourages students to connect what they learn in the classroom with what their dream future career could be. Working in teams, students are given an invaluable opportunity to develop their teamwork, communication and collaboration skills.

For FXP Festival 2022, we are excited to offer both a virtual and in-person platform that will enable schools and teachers to flexibly manage their participation within their school schedules and to complete the activities either at school, virtually via their preferred distance learning platform, or at the three-day event.

What does it involve?

FXP Festival 2022 – VIRTUAL

Teams will be challenged to work together over a nine-week period to design and develop a computer game, based on a surprise theme, which will be revealed at the start of week one. The Festival will comprise three core modules:

  • Game Narrative
  • Game Concept & Design
  • Game Production

Each module will be supported by a recorded session (up to one hour) provided by an expert in the game development industry (exciting announcements to be made soon!) which will be released weekly, following which teams will have six weeks to put what they’ve learned into practice, feeding into their overall project. It is recommended that schools set aside a weekly one-hour after school session or ‘FXP Club’, and teams can also work on their projects in their own time if desired.

The recommended software to use for FXP Festival 2022 is GDevelop or Unity if you already have some experience and would like the extra freedom. The module videos will be tailored for these software options.

Engaging a wide range of skills, the final project will include:

  • a detailed overview of the game’s concept and storytelling
  • illustrations of the game’s design elements – including characters, scenery, tools, props and anything you would find in the game – and explanations of their place in the game
  • a playable game which reflects the theme and chosen game concept

At the end of the nine weeks, projects will be submitted for judging and teams will then be invited to attend a virtual prize-giving event, where they will have more opportunities to engage with experts from the games development and technology industry.

FXP Festival 2022 –

For the in-person event, which will be held in the Rizing Games studio at Cambridge Regional College from 9 – 11 July 2022, teams will be invited to design, create and submit an entry for one or more of the three categories, with prizes awarded to the top three teams in each category. In all categories, teams are required to base their games around a surprise theme which is announced at the beginning of the festival weekend. Please note that the theme will be different to the virtual event to enable teams to participate in both competitions, should they choose. Previous years’ themes have included: Apollo, Super and Prime.

When is it?

The FXP Festival 2022 virtual event will launch on Tuesday 19 April 2022 with the first module ‘Games Narrative and Storytelling’ going live for schools to access. Further modules will be launched each subsequent week, with the deadline for submitting final projects. Teams can register to participate anytime from now until the end of March. The virtual prize-giving event will take place on Wednesday 29 June 2022.

The FXP Festival 2022 in-person event will take place from Friday 9 – Monday 11 July 2022 in the Rizing Games studio at Cambridge Regional College. Teams can register to participate anytime from now until the end of May. The prize giving event will take place on Monday 11 July 2022.

Who can enter?

FXP Festival is open to entries from schools and colleges across Cambridgeshire. Teams can be a mix of ages (between 12 and 19); however, projects will be judged in two age categories: Year 8 –Year 11, and FE.

What does it cost?

Nothing – FXP Festival is completely free to all participants. FXP Festival is a registered charity and it is thanks to our supporters in the game development and technology sectors, including Anglia Ruskin University (ARU), that FXP Festival remains free for all.

Why game development?

Engaging students with their education and motivating them to strive for high-flying careers can often be a challenge for teachers and parents. But what if you could spark a teenager’s interest in their school subjects like computer science and English through a hobby they already spend a lot of their free time doing? Playing computer games.

By applying a student’s coding, writing, art and design lessons to the creation of a game, FXP Festival aims to not only help students think differently about why and how they use these skills but to also open their eyes to the wealth of career paths available to them.

Cambridge is extremely fortunate to be home to a host of game development companies – both large and small – and FXP Festival aims to connect this industry with schools across the county, many of which are located in some of the most deprived areas of Cambridgeshire, sharing knowledge and expertise, as well as insight into possible career paths

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