2022 Modules & Categories

FXP Festival 2022 – VIRTUAL

Teams participating in the FXP Festival 2022 virtual competition will be challenged to work together over a nine-week period to design and develop a computer game, based on a surprise theme, which will be revealed at the start of week one. Each module will be supported by a recorded session (up to one hour) provided by an expert in the game development industry which will be released weekly, following which teams will have six weeks to put what they’ve learned into practice, feeding into their overall project.

The three core modules, led by experts in the industry, are:

  • Game Narrative
  • Game Concept & Design
  • Game Production

The recommended software to use for FXP Festival 2022 is GDevelop or Unity if you already have some experience and would like the extra freedom. The module videos will be tailored for these software options.

FXP Festival 2022 –

For the in-person event, teams are invited to enter into one or more of the categories which will follow the same titles as the virtual modules. Prizes will be awarded to the top three teams in each category. In all categories, teams are required to base their games around a surprise theme which is announced at the beginning of the festival weekend. Previous themes have included: Foal, Apollo and Super.

  • The game narrative category: challenges teams develop their game idea around a theme, storyboard the game, and consider the plot, sounds, characters, environment and gameplay
  • The game concept & design category: students will design and map out the creative concept of an original computer game taking into consideration ideas and art
  • The game build category: encourages students to consider all elements needed for game production including mechanics, audio, visual effects, developing and testing. Students will use their team’s skills to develop a playable game or demo stage game

With its three categories, FXP Festival welcomes students with a wide range of interests and abilities – some teams are experienced in coding and using games development software, where many are more interested in the creative concept and artistry of game design, or the fundamentals of game creation itself.

Further details on industry partners and the modules are COMING SOON.

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