2021 modules

Teams participating in FXP Festival 2021 will be challenged to work together over a nine-week period to design and develop a computer game, based on a surprise theme, which will be revealed at the start of week one. Each module will be supported by a recorded session (up to one hour) provided by an expert in the game development industry, following which teams will have the remaining six weeks to put what they’ve learned into practice, feeding into their overall project.

The three core modules, led by experts in the industry, are:

  • Game Narrative – led by Raymond Vermeulen, Narrative Designer at Genjoy, a Scopely Studio
  • Game Concept & Design – led by Mark Ogilvie, Creative Director at Jagex
  • Game Production – led by Matthew Holland, freelance writer, game designer and developer

The recommended software to use for FXP Festival 2021 is GDevelop or Unity if you already have some experience and would like the extra freedom. The module videos will be tailored for these software options. 

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