What they said about FXP Festival

“FXP festival provides a platform to celebrate and develop the digital and design skills our young developers in the UK hold. FXP is helping to advance the way the curriculum is taught in schools, and showcases the progression opportunities for learners at CRC, Rizing Games and the country as a whole.”

Michael Warburton, Rizing Games and Cambridge Regional College

“For many students, a career in the games industry seems an unreachable goal. FXP festival helps both students and teachers to understand the skill sets required in both programming and design, and how the syllabus might be modified to better teach those skills. It motivates them to really understand and learn those skills at a far earlier age, generating a better quality of future employees. It’s a sad fact that many still see games as a waste of time, they don’t see the reality that it is an industry bigger than music and film combined in this country, with top class talent within it. Games and gamification can change the world, and Cambridge and the South East are at the front of the charge in the UK. Projects like FXP can only strengthen that charge.”

Mark Ogilvie, Design Director, Cambridge

“Entering North Cambridge Academy students into FXP Festival allowed me to introduce real world concepts and activities into the classroom, and developed a significant level of enthusiasm for the Computer Science subject, and where it might lead to future employment. The competition itself was extremely well organised, and presents all students with an opportunity to totally immerse themselves in a major area of the Computing Industry.”

Neil Matthews, Teacher of Science, North Cambridge Academy