Competition Details

Whether students are experienced in coding, or are interested in the creative concept and artistic side of game development, FXP Festival is open to everyone.

The Festival has two competition categories:



Teams design and map out the creative concept of an original game



Teams are tasked with the build and programming of an original game concept

Both competition categories are for either age range entry level and teams are able to enter both competition categories if they wish. Teams should be made up of 4 or 5 students from a school or college.

FXP Festival 2018 has a maximum capacity of 60 team spaces available to schools and colleges across East Anglia, on a first come first served basis.

Competition entry levels

Entry Level 1:

Year 8 to Year 11 learners

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Entry Level 2:

FE learners

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Competition categories

The two entry stages for the competition are based around the concept and development of a computer or mobile game:


Design an original idea for a game for computer or mobile platform


Build an original idea for a game for computer or mobile platform


2016 Winners

Over £6,000 of Prizes

Concept category:

[wpb-faa icon=”fa-trophy” size=”22″ color=”#f4cd2e”]Winner: West Suffolk College Team ‘Zapfino’

2nd Place: Bedford College Team ‘We Should Have Paid More Attention At School’

3rd Place: North Cambridge Academy Team ‘5 Star’

Development category:

Level 1 Development competition

[wpb-faa icon=”fa-trophy” size=”22″ color=”#f4cd2e”]Winner: Chesterton Community College Team ‘Rustle’

2nd Place: Chesterton Community College Team ‘Danny and the Man’

3rd Place: Parkside Community College Team ‘We are Doomed’

Level 2 Development competition

[wpb-faa icon=”fa-trophy” size=”22″ color=”#f4cd2e”]Winner: Cambridge Regional College Team ‘RGOG’

2nd Place: Suffolk New College Team ‘House Ordos’

3rd Place: West Suffolk College Team ‘Bleeding Cowboys’